FAQ Resellers

Customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority! We provide a range of services to make using our products as easy and straight forward as possible. So Pro-Inspector customers know they can get friendly help and advice quickly, allowing them to get on with their job.

1. What are the responsibilities of Pro-Inspector Reseller?

  • Identify potential customers
  • Demonstrate to clients
  • Delivery proposals
  • Initial Installation & configurations

3. How will the advertising be handled?

Pro-Inspector.net is growing rapidly and we will consistently launch innovative marketing campaigns, targeting Inspection companies. Our List of authorized resellers is available on our websites.

4.Should reseller do initial investments?

No fee to become a reseller. But you should generate sales targets to continue getting increased commissions.

5. What support will Pro-Inspector.net provide?

  • Training on Pro-Inspector
  • Promotion Materials- Brochure, Website, Videos & Presentations
  • Technical support for demonstrations
  • During initial installation & configurations you will be supported by our technical team from India.

6. What will be my other revenue possibilities?

  • Training Services- Besides the initial training that will be provided along with installation, you may have the possibility to provide additional training services as per the customer requirements
  • Configuration & Customization Services-Besides the standard configuration any extended configuration and customization will be chargeable and resellers will have their commissions over it.

7. Will I have any recurrent revenues?

In a SaaS[Software as a Service] model, yes it obvious your revenues are recurrent. However in the conventional perpetual license model also you will have revenue from maintenance & support