Value Added Reseller

The Pro-Inspector Value-added reseller (VAR) program is uniquely designed to ease-the-pain of resellers, while offering multitude of benefits. All you have to possess is the sales expertise and we will provide technical know-how to you to boost your sales. The Pro-Inspector VAR offers resources, tools and the technical expertise that you require to sell Pro-Inspector. Shlok ensures end-to-end Pro-Inspector technical solution support and handholding through marketing support, demos and trainings, till you could efficiently handle the customers.
The Var Unique Advantages
  • No Entry Fee.You will pay nothing – Yes! There is NO entry fee at all, but you will be reaping innumerous benefits.
  • No Minimum Sales Volume Threshold. No Minimum target – because we are confident that you will earn maximum
    potential revenue due to our unique and innovative Pro-Inspector.
  • Opportunity for Additional Revenue.Offer training and consultancy to existing customers and earn lucrative additional income.
  • Attractive Commissions & Discounts. You will be earning very attractive commissions and discounts once you start reselling.
  • The Get-to-know-first Advantage.You will be intimated first whenever there is a new release, before the world knows.
  • Hands-on Training Support.Your team will be offered with hands-on training and detailed demos of the product so that
    your team will be armored with all required skills.
  • Dedicated Technical Support.Our dedicated and friendly-support team is always available to offer support through
    various modes of communication: Skype, E-Mail and Phone.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support.Get featured in our promotional activities; opportunities to participate in road shows, events
    and trade exhibitions.

Pro-Inspector Features

Pro-Inspector Solution Cycle

Pro-Inspector Engaggement Model

Additional Information

If you have any questions/query about the Pro-Inspector Reseller Program, please get in touch with our Sales & Support team