Why Pro-Inspector ERP

Pro-Inspector automates your inspection process which makes 100% Paperless, increases quality of inspection, reduces administration work and delivers instant inspection results.

The Universal Inspection Scenario

Inspections are everywhere!
Only the name differs – Audits, QC visits, compliance checks …Inspections come in different disguises that you cannot avoid or eliminate.

Compliance is mandatory!
Whether it is the USA or UK; India or Ireland; Canada or Chile; Portugal or Poland…Inspections and compliance are mostly mandatory.

Inspections are lengthy!
Tedious, cumbersome, tiring, expensive, time-consuming, resource greedy, lengthy…When it comes to inspections, all these are associated & unavoidable.

If the above painful picture is what comes to your mind when you think about inspections – then it is high time to change! So, how can we make inspections pain-free? But, before that, why should I do inspections?

Need for Inspections
In today’s competitive international market, consumers are increasingly becoming aware of the several hazards and demand quality out of any industry. Retailers, distributors and manufacturers wanting to cater to these demands are asking their suppliers to demonstrate commitment to produce and trade safe, quality product by implementing international certification schemes.

Thus Industries are under tremendous pressure to maintain their competitiveness and to adhere to the government regulations of their respective countries as 95% of the world population banks on them for day to day health and safety. This has created the need for carrying out several inspections. The inspections may vary from country to country. This has created a need for ongoing audits, as regular audit is the key to reduce the risk of non-compliance and it is the only means of ensuring quality to customer.

Why should I do inspections?

  • This is a million-dollar question often we ask.
  • This is a necessary mandate that not only fulfills government’s regulations and norms, it is also necessary to avoid mishaps, customer dissatisfaction and mounting overheads…
  • Inspections bring in multitude of benefits.

Inspections of today-Highly Manual

Most of the inspection teams around the world spend only 30-40% of their time in inspections and the rest 60-70% is spent on administrative tasks such as planning, scheduling, preparing checklists, documenting and reporting inspections and so on. Given the complexity of the business and increase in the types of inspections that needs to be conducted, entire inspection process has become increasingly challenging. It is found that the industry relying on manual inspection process to manage compliance and traceability are unable to achieve best-in-class status.


Need to Automate Inspections

Necessity is the mother of Invention!!! As the saying goes, To overcome this challenge Industries need a one stop solution that can help inspection teams to manage the entire inspection process. Thus automating the whole inspection process decreases the processing time and increases the number of inspections the agency or company can do in a day. It provides with real-time visibility of information to those who need it so as to analyze and take up corrective and preventive measures. Cost and time involved in doing an inspection is substantially reduced.


Why – Pro-Inspector

Pro-Inspector provides end-to-end solution to complete audit life cycle, from managing workforce to completing the audit.

Planning – Pro-Inspector starts from helping the Inspection teams to plan whatever that needs to be inspected and registering them in the system accordingly.
Scheduling – Scheduling done in the inspection team office was never this quick. It is just a drag and drop across a calendar to allocate the right inspector to the right job.
Pre-Inspection – All the information the inspector will need to prepare for his inspection will be available in his tablet in matter of clicks.
Inspection – Inspections are systematic, efficient and paperless. Pro-Inspector helps the organization to ensure uniform quality level across all inspectors. Data collections during inspections are highly automated.
Remote approvals – Whenever inspections need to be approved by senior team members in the team, they log into back office to approve the primary reports and recommendations from field inspectors.
Instant certification and Invoice printing – Generation of inspection reports, certificates, tickets and invoices can be done instantly after the inspection is completed. They can also be electronically printed immediately.
Follow up with corrective actions – After the reports are generated the corrective actions can also be maintained and they can also be scheduled, thus completing the whole inspection life cycle.
Integration with Existing ERP – Finally it can also be integrated with the existing ERP of any Industry to ensure seamless integration into the existing IT infrastructure of the company.


  • Automated your inspections
  • Increased quality of inspection
  • Administrative Work – Reduced up to 60%
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced operational Costs
  • Mobility – Do inspections with your mobile gadgets
  • Collect evidences Photos / Audios / Videos
  • Instant reports & certificates
  • Easy access to historic data


Peace of mind with Pro-Inspector!

Pro-Inspector is an advanced ERP tool that is loaded with many unique features. The staggering numbers to your advantage:

0% Compromise on systematic procedures and quality is NIL

20% Reduction in your running cost.

30% Significantly reduce your admin work

60% Increase your productivity

100% Customer satisfaction

120 Days Realize faster and better ROI !!!

And above all these are all recurring benefits for you – forever!