“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

SHLOKLABS is a software development house that was first founded in Portugal in the year 2003! The organization had formed upon the ideals and ambitions of a group of mechanical engineers with a drive to create software solutions and share them with the world. This innate passion emerged from a drive to look at challenges as not obstacles, but as opportunities of improvement.

This drive from way back then, still runs in the blood of our team here at SHLOKLABS all these years later! With SHLOKLABS, our motive is to analyse challenges brought in by our customers and provide
benchmark solutions for them.

Our flagship product, Pro-Inspector was a result of this very drive. The tool simplifies the auditing process by making it easy for anyone to effectively manage safety and quality standards from a mobile device. Front line workers are empowered to report issues quickly to prevent incidents due to inefficiency and limited visibility. Industries wanting to effectively boost productivity and visibility through digitization have had a lot of impact on Pro-Inspector’s growth.


Boundaries separate us but excellence unites us. No matter how far we are to each other, the #oneteam always stays together, connected. We work hard everyday to give you the best you deserve. We are SHLOKLABS.


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