Pro – Inspector is a product from SHLOKLABS, It is a Platform for Digitization of Inspections and Audits
SHLOKLABS is a Software House Founded in Lisbon, Portugal in 2003 and having its Development Center of Excellence in Coimbatore, India. More about SHLOKLABS at

Our Focus @ Pro-Inspector

Our Focus at Pro-Inspector is Inspection & Audits and the business processes surrounding it. 
Our strength lies in the fact that we cover a lot of ground in the business process surrounding Inspections & Audits

Our Journey @ Pro-Inspector

We have evolved over time, 
The phrase “Digital is rather recent, we would say – the phrase started getting traction around 2015 or 2016 , but our “digital” journey started long back
The Inception of our Product was around 2008 for Property Inspections and we named it Property Inspector, We used the phrase “Automate your inspections and its business processes ”.  The inspectors would carry with them the Foldable PCs or Tablets installed with “Property Inspector”,  a .NET desktop application running on Windows for both the Inspectors on the field and the backoffice users. This evolved into a Web based application for the back office and with the same Desktop Application on Tablets /Foldable PCs. It was in 2012 when iPads were introduced we adapted Pro-Inspector to iPads following which we had the opportunity to implement the solution for Gas-Inspections . This was followed by the implementations for Lift Inspections, Franchisee Inspections, Brand Management Inspections.  The next major break through came up in India  in 2018 with the opportunity for us to implement Pro-Inspector for Construction Inspections and subsequently for Internal Audit Management (ISO 9K, ISO 14K, IATF 16949, EnMS, OSHA etc)with a potential user base of 10,000+ users.  The fact that we were able to to rise up to the challenges of our customers,  solve their business problems, making them successful and additionally many times making them Pioneers in their respective industries gave us the real opportunities of adapting our solution to more Industry Verticals
Righly Said  “Our Customers have brought about our evolution”. , 

What makes us Unique

Our Product is one of the very best in industry, but what makes us unique is Customer Service. 
Its in our DNA to give a great. customer service – More often than not, Many times we go to the really small details to ensure the customer is happy with our services
Whatever we tell, it might seem like too much of marketing, so talk to our customers to know about it or even better just become our customer to experience it 


Boundaries separate us but excellence unites us. No matter how far we are to each other, the #oneteam always stays together, connected. We work hard everyday to give you the best you deserve. We are SHLOKLABS.

Our Clients

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