Brakes India Private Ltd is a part of 7.2 billion dollar TVS Group which was established in 1962. It is the largest Brakes system supplier in India and their portfolio includes calipers, actuators, drum brakes, valves, hose ABS, etc.

They account for 150 engineering departments and 7000 employees. They are the leading supplier of their products to OEMs’ like MSIL, TATA, Toyota, Daimler, Volvo, Honda, and Volkswagen. They have 25+ manufacturing units inside and outside India, catering to the needs of the customers


As the IATF targets itself to all the requirements of the industry with its larger scope, it is also considered to be the most difficult audit to comply with when compared to other audit procedures like EnMS, IMS, OSHAS, etc. Because of this, the difficulties listed below were quite obvious.

  • The whole process of conducting a IATF Auditnfrom Planning > Scheduling > Holding an Opening meeting > Executing the audit with multiple checklists > Holding a Closing meeting > Preparing a GYR Report > Closure of Audit Findings (NC cycle) > Reviewing can take a few weeks or more.
  • Maintaining compliance between the several IATF clauses and standards was very tedious task for the internal auditors
  • Brakes India has multiple management system audits being carried out at the same time which makes managing them extremely tough and it affects their efficiency.
  • Information would get lost or get buried beneath the paperwork therefore affecting the escalation and approval procedure.
  • Lack of evidence for any and all NCRs followed by the highly time consuming cycle for closing them was a huge issue that needed solving.
  • Keeping track of multiple audits and wanting to know if they have been completed was a life draining task. The communication would never be proper and most of the cycle would be kept in dark until the very end.
  • Manual creation of a GYR (Green, Yellow, Red) report with relevant scores for each response so that an overall audit score can be calculated along with retrieval of least scores and average scores was tiresome and involvednmore administrative work which prolonged the time required to generate the report.


With the proven digital suite that is Pro Inspector, transforming the entire QMS audit cycle of Brakes India proved extremely beneficial and efficient. The entire manual process was automated and made completely paperless. A more transparent look at the solutions provided.

  • With the Audit Cycle now digitized, Brakes India no longer needs to hold Opening/Closing meetings. Auditors are assigned and informed remotely.
  • Easy compliance management to clauses withdifferent checklists. Multiple audits can now be scheduled and monitored without any loss of data. The whole process becomes paperless therefore saving Brakes India a lot of time and money.
  • Both the audit reviewer and approver possess unlimited access to audit information and do not depend on manual activities anymore. Both Reviewing and Approving occur wirelessly.
  • The GYR report is now generated automatically through Pro – Inspector. It shows an extremely detailed image of the QMS audit cycle of the company. NCRs and checklists are organized into the different clauses they belong to as well.


  • Unlimited Configurable Checklists
  • Checklist Scheduling
  • SMS and Push
  • Notification Alerts
  • Photographic Evidences
  • Digital Signatures for Reports
  • Parallel and Sequential Workflow
  • Multiple User Accounts for Client and their Customers
  • Non Conformance Tracking
  • Dashboard Statistics


  • Highly Configurable Checklists
  • Simple UI Fit for Everyone
  • Notification Alerts for Quick Deployment
  • Situational Evidences for NCs
  • Reports with Digital Signatures
  • Fast NCR Tracking and Closing
  • Statistical Data for Fast Decision Making


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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