JLL is a world leader in real estate services managing over a 4.6 billion square feet in properties. They construct, buy, occupy and invest in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential and hotel real estate. Many of their clients span industries including banking, energy, healthcare, law, life sciences, manufacturing and technology. They are always looking forward to working with the most ambitious of clients. The company is fortunate enough to be listed under the “World’s Most Ethical Companies” and also the “Best Companies to Work For” as well.


JLL is a global real estate service that deals with building, buying, occupying and investing in a variety of real estate. The problems they faced were majorly during their site handover inspections that proved to be a hindrance in any business of their kind. These problems limited their work efficiency and other minor activities that in the end slowed down the entire inspection process. The problems included:

  • JLL mostly did pre-handover site inspections after they had completed the construction of a site. Since they executed inspections only after they’ve completed building a site, their checklists were usually very large in size and took a lot of time to complete because of large amounts of paperwork and question diversity
  • JLL’s business process with property development focused on an “evidence based” decision making approach.
    For any observations or non-conformities that were raised, the company needed evidence to go along with it.
    But, there wasn’t a way for the company to verify or authenticate the evidences they were provided with.
  • JLL let their clients execute a site walk and raise any observations or non- conformities that they came across.
    This would involve the customer to note down all the discrepancies and then transfer that information to the
    company after they’ve returned back from the site walk. This would also consume a lot of time and hinder
    timely corrective actions.
  • Managing important documents for specific sites on which the inspections would take place was a growing
    problem. Whenever a non-conformity was raised by the field inspector or the customer, there would be times
    when they might want to refer or send documents against those NCs but it was not possible at the time.
  • The only process that needed regular inspections against it was the JLL’s material management. It took place
    during the construction of a site where JLL would transfer resources or tools from the site to their warehouse
    or vice-versa. They needed a tool to track their transactions while also being able to access all the resources
    and tools that were present in their warehouse.


Problems exist in all kinds of businesses but not all of them are there to stay. They exist for the businesses to solve them while also teaching them a lesson or two. Such was JLL’s experience after implementing the enterprise transformation tool Pro Inspector. Problems that existed before were quick to fade and all the learning that came from it is being put to great use,

  • Inspections no longer took as much time because all the questions were now available via mobile phones and were dynamic. It saved a lot of time while also giving the company checklists that could be configured to anything of their liking. Reports for the inspection were generated automatically after their completion to increase efficiency.
  • With Pro Inspector, any and all evidences taken during the pre-delivery inspections would be time stamped and location specific. This will make every evidence count and prove its authenticity.
  • Even after the complete construction of a site, there could be instances with non-conformities being raised. During such cases, JLL was now able to identify them during inspections and raise them remotely to be fixed. The people in- charge
    would be notified remotely and all the NCs would be closed on time without any delays in communications. 
  • All the documents that are required in JLL’s regular business process were now being stored in Pro Inspector’s repository. Documents could be uploaded or captured within Pro Inspector and they will stay there to be accessed anytime for
    reference or use.
  • JLL would now do daily inspections of their warehouses using Pro Inspector’s configurable checklists and easily track all the Inward and Outward transactions taking place within.


  • Unlimited Configurable Checklists
  • SMS & Push Notification Alerts
  • Photographic Evidences with Time Stamps and Geo References
  • Digital Signature Inputting for Authenticity
  • Faster NCR Tracking and Closing
  • Business Friendly Report Templates
  • Document Storage for Easy Access


  • Efficient Inspection Process
  • Highly Insightful Inspections
  • Simple UI with Swipe and Tap Controls
  • Notification Alerts for Quick Deployment
  • Authentic Evidences
  • Reports with Digital Signatures
  • Fast NCR Tracking and Closing
  • Quicker and Smarter Warehousing.


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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