Nimmadhi is a leading property management service based out of Chennai. They show a sign of excellence in the property management industry and are recommended by various NRI customers, even tenants across all major cities in India for providing a fantastic service. Their services include – Property Management, Tenant Management, Rental Assistance, etc. With a mass array of insights gained from years of experience, Nimmadhi helps property owners find the right tenants, for homes they love, and also professional household services.


Customers that live away from their properties or are no longer using them often require a third party to help them maintain and look after their property. It is a job for the property management business to look after a customer’s property with utmost care and importance. Sure, it is not an easy business to run and Nimmadhi too faced its fair share problems during the run-time of their business such as:

  • The company needed a digital solution which would help them execute their periodical Inspections through mobile phones and avoid all the hassle with paperwork that could go missing or project a bad insight post completion. 
  • Lots of activities take place from the company’s side during the managing of a customer’s property. Often times, multiple visits are required to solve a problem small enough to be taken care in one visit. A proper digital system was required to reduce human interaction. 
  • The Property Management business thrives on evidence based judgment and decision making. With this, comes the question of credibility and authenticity. The company needed to make sure their manpower actually reached the location of the inspection and executed them on the provided timeframe. 
  • There are times when an inspection is not able to complete due to external reasons and has to be stopped mid-way. It would then be taken back to the head-office and completed there with more help which was time consuming. 
  • The inspection visits for the property management business may require the field team to travel locations with poor network connections and thus, they needed a solution where they complete and execute checklists offline.
  • Making reports for closed inspections and sharing it to the customers was turning out to be very tedious and time consuming task. It would take Nimmadhi days to make reports which at the end of the day only credited to 06 more piling in paperwork.
  • Any defects or alarming concerns noticed during an audit/inspection like live wires, water leakage, cracked walls, etc; needed to be assigned to the third party vendors for immediate fixing. This became a recurring issue because of slow 07 communication, which then further prolonged the fix times.


Filling cracks that can cause damage in the future is a necessary task for all organizations and Nimmadhi did the same. Pro–Inspector, a digital transformation suite proved to be the answer they required. By digitizing their field activities, the true potential of the business was observed.

  • With the help of Pro–Inspector, all the field inspections of the company transformed into fast mobile based inspections that could be executed on all IOS and Android devices. With an increased efficiency and accuracy by adopting the configurable checklists, field activities became more fruitful.
  • Inspection checklists were grouped to their business processes (Safety, Maintenance, General, Periodical etc) making it an easy job for the field inspectors. Since they found all the checklists pertaining to their inspection in one place, it saved a lot of time.
  • With accurate and informative inspection reports, the company would understand the situation much quicker, and deploy for household services accordingly. There would no longer be a need to visit a property multiple times.
  • After the Pro–Inspector implementation, the company no longer needed to worry about authenticity of reports and photos. The application could lock inspections with GeoFencing technology.
  • One picture can speak a thousand words and so did Nimmadhi’s photographic evidences in regards to client inquiries about their properties and tenant on-boarding or vacating. Customers on both felt delighted to see how well their properties were doing through the evidences provided.
  • Through the Pro–Inspector application, checklists for inspections can be downloaded in advance on a user’s phone in case they visit a location with poor network connectivity. These inspections can then be executed offline and later synced to cloud once the internet is back online.


  • Unlimited Configurable Checklists
  • SMS & Push Notification Alerts Upon Scheduling and Completion of Reports
  • Photographic Evidences with Time Stamps and Geo References
  • Digital Signature Inputting for Authenticity
  • NCR Tracking and Closing
  • Business Friendly Report Templates


  • Efficient Workflow
    Highly Informative Inspections
    Happy Customers and Satisfied Tenants
    Simple UI with Swipe and Tap Controls.
    Notification Alerts for Quick Deployment.
    Authentic Evidences
    Reports with Digital Signatures
    Fast NCR Tracking and Closing.


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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