Telepizza is a multinational enterprise originated at Madrid, Spain. It is one of the largest pizzerias in the world. It is currently the leader in the home delivery service of ready-to-eat meals, operating with a network of its own franchised stores. The company is recognized for its freshly handmade and delicious pizzas. Its own version of the iconic and original pizza recipe has earned loyal fans all around the world.

With its exponential growth, Telepizza has become the fourth largest pizza company worldwide having its presence in 14 countries with more than 1,300 stores worldwide.


Being a retail business and belonging to the food industry, the client faced challenges in automating the complete inspection life cycle.

  • To manage safety, security, brand, hygiene, cleanliness, quality of food, operational audits, the freshness of the ingredients, loss prevention, inspections and audits has to be performed consistently to meet the customer expectations and keep the business healthy.
  • Traditional way of inspections was in practice wherein the inspectors/ auditors visits the outlet and perform the inspection manually.
  • Each inspection results has to be entered manually in the Ppt/ Excel/ Other formats to generate the report and will be send it to the designated persons.
  • Register corrective measures assign follow x was done manually which was a laborious process and as a result most of the data were missed and couldn’t 04 complete it eventually.
  • KPI’s were not measured and there was no dashboard to get the executive 05 overview for the management in terms of stores and its performances.


By seeing the above pain areas, SHLOKLABS approached Telepizza and promised to automated the complete life cycle with customizable workflow as SHLOKLABS has a vast experience in providing the digital transformation solution and for Telepizza the solution has been given using Pro Inspector suite.

  • The solution was provided to Telepizza in thembelow methodology which gave them 100% compliance. Solution was implemented to them in the form of 3 components namely Back office, Mobility & User portal.
  • With the back-office component, Telepizza stakeholders can manage all the admin features like configurations management, master data, check lists management, access level management, document management, Global view dashboard and etc., All the inspections and audits across the districts, region, country, etc, can be scheduled and managed from the back office.
  • Mobility platform can be used by Telepizza’s district managers, Auditors & Inspectors, field officers etc, to perform the Inspections & Audits that is been scheduled by the head office.
  • Unlike manual processes all the checklist can be digitally configured and the photographs can be taken against the Non – conformance from the device itself. At the end of each inspections report will be generated instantly and can be send to the
    respective persons from the location itself.
  • All the technicians, vendors or the internal resources of Telepizza can update the operational data using this portal and the tasks can be managed using this portal itself.


  • More than 70% of the time has been saved.
  • 100% paperless.
  • Good return on investment in short period of time.
  • History of inspections at your fingertips.
  • Uniform standards across the industries.
  • Global dashboard in one single view.
  • Non-conformities management end to end.
  • Instant Reporting.
  • Access level Management.
  • Photographic evidences.
  • Digital signatures.
  • Digital check sheets.
  • Periodic and planned inspections.
  • Surprise and spot inspections.
  • 360° inspections information available in fingertips.
  • Minimum technical training and very user friendly.


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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