Testcert is a leading gas certification company accredited by the Institute of Accreditation Portugal. Based in Caxias-Portugal, the company focuses on providing an innovative inspection system with control dates and high quality standards, which ensures the satisfaction of their customers. Testcert handles more than 15,000 gas inspections per year. A team of 18 field inspectors focus primarily on inspection work that are scheduled on either the same day or the next day.

Testcert's business has continued to evolve over time, and its certification service needed to undergo the next phase of evolution in order to process & issue reports & certificates very quickly. Testcert looked to Pro Inspector to help eliminate their paperwork needed while increasing the number of inspection jobs completed per day and issue the certification on site just after the inspection.


Testcert was looking to boost efficiency of its day to day inspection business. The entire procedure of recording a client request, processing information, scheduling inspections and providing required information to the inspectors took long time. Thus slack time needed to be accommodated in the system.

  • Inspectors did their inspections on the first day and processed inspection certificates on the next business
  • This put forth challenges such as processing the inspection reports and certificates and doing into the
    inspections which came in with some level of urgency. Testcert was looking to make some significant process
  • Testcert was not running at optimal efficiency and looked towards Pro Inspector to help increase the number
    of inspections assigned per day and reduce time taken to issue certificates while eliminating excess paperwork
    in generating reports & certificates.
  • The greatest challenge for Testcert was zeroing the time interval between conducting inspections and issuing
    reports and certificates. Testcert planned for a complete revamp of their business process to increase
    productivity and cut running costs.


Testcert has been using Pro Inspector from January 2014. Less than a month into production and Testcert realized drastic improvements in inspection quality & efficiency of field inspectors. Now Testcert offers better quality of service to their clients. Pro inspector has greatly enabled Testcert to reduce operational costs & eliminate paper work.

  • Pro Inspector enabled to automate each process of their business cycle, eliminating all paperwork. Starting from recording a client request, configuring check list, planning/scheduling inspections, transmitting the data to inspectors, executing inspections and finally generating reports/certificates.
  • Testcert has configured highly flexible business specific checklists into Pro Inspector with responses being supported by specifications, free text, formula configuration, tabular data input and assessment of the overall inspections based on
    critical combinations.
  • This has helped Testcert to configure all types of inspections based on requirements & clients. Field inspectors found that Pro Inspector’s mobile module is highly flexible for their inspections.
  • Inspectors receive email notifications of their schedules and pre-inspection data along with GPS enabled maps which have been an immense help to plan their routine & transportation.
  • Inspectors have become totally independent of reporting physically to the central office. This has helped the company to schedule more inspections and considerably reduce costs.
  • The inspectors can view specifications and recommendations, do onsite calculations with pre-fed formula that enables the inspectors to perform inspections with certain degree of uniformity with e-mail certificates at the sites.


  • Dynamic checklists with specific responses.
  • Inspection scheduling in advance.
  • Inspections executed through mobile phones and tablets.
  • E-mail and Push notifications.
  • Remote approvals over internet.
  • Automated e-mail certificates.
  • Good return on investment in short period of time.
  • Global dashboard in one single view.
  • Non-conformities management end to end.
  • Instant Reporting.
  • Photographic evidences.
  • Digital signatures.
  • Periodic and planned inspections.
  • Paperless Solution has helped save more than 70% of the time.


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