The client (Vodafone) is a Major Telecommunications Provider with a huge global presence. It commenced operations in Portugal in 1992. Vodafone operates in 26 countries and in partnership with networks in over 55 more. Across the world, they have almost 444 million customers and 6.2 million registered customers in Portugal alone. It is the leader in mobile communications with more than 300 Stores national wide.


With more than 300+ franchise stores national wide, the client required seamless process and real-time access to information about all locations and franchisee performances. The below were the challenges faced by the client:

  • The franchise audits report would take weeks to be delivered and the management was not able to the take necessary actions for the issues faced by franchisee which impacted the performance and reputation of the brand.
  • The Auditors had to do additional paper work after every inspection to deliver the corresponding report for the audits performed which was tedious and took a lot of administrative work and it literally reduced the number of audits performed in a month.
  • Due to the above said challenges, the overall visits by the field Auditors were reduced and made the client to deploy more auditors which was again a cost building one.
  • The headquarters was not able to monitor and take necessary actions on the issues, which impacted the quality of services and subsequently, their 04 subsidiaries operations were not compliant the with brand guidelines.


Studying the problem we have developed a complete and comprehensive Franchise inspector software solution to perform Audits and Inspections using modern mobile devices which increase the productivity of a the Vodafone team in the field.

  • With advanced features that eliminate redundant tasks and reduce the use of paper base technical
    visits, allowing to have all the information centralized and available online. Pro Inspector played an important role in the reorganization of the Portuguese Stores network by delivering faster and accurate information from the field teams to support the new commissions and incentives calculations.
  • Vodafone increased the number of stores, grew their offer and services portfolio that allowed increasing their overall customer number, a maneuver helped in part by the 30% increase of operational efficiency provided by Pro-Inspector usage.
  • Software made sure that the brand guidelines are followed throughout the franchisee chain. Evaluating the employee knowledge and presence at every franchisee outlet became possible. Appraising the customers’ feeling and general experience followed.


  • Unlimited Configurable Checklists
  • Easy Finger Navigation Controls
  • Push SMS & Email Alerts
  • Photos with Geo – Tracking
  • Digital Signature Authentication
  • Categorized Comments for Quicker Inputting
  • Consult Process History On-Site
  • Online and Offline Work-Readiness


SHLOKLABS is a software house headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal and founded in 2003. SHLOKLABS is a pioneer when it comes to helping large scale businesses reach new heights using their digital transformation tool known as Pro-Inspector. The tool completely transforms a business’s way to execute field audits and inspections. Compliance with Quality and Safety standards have never been easier.

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